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Price notification for type of gasoline Super
DatePrice in USD/LiterDetails
2014/04/031.81always -HK$0.9/L with cards
2011/12/271.70At Shell Stations: 16.17 HKD/litre
2010/12/151.56At Shell Stations: 15.13 HKD/litre
2008/03/291.35At Shell Stations, HKD 15.19 a liter
2007/03/041.38Shell, HKD 12,98

Price notification for type of gasoline Diesel
DatePrice in USD/LiterDetails
2015/03/211.41At Shell Stations: 10.92 HKD/litre
2014/04/031.28always have discount
2013/06/031.29Shell Kowloon Bay
2011/12/271.24At Shell Stations: 11.76 HKD/litre
2008/03/290.90at Shell Stations, HKD 10.07 a liter
2007/03/040.89Shell, HKD 8,36

Price notification for type of gasoline Regular
DatePrice in USD/LiterDetails
2015/03/161.94At Shell Stations: 14.89 HKD/litre
2014/04/031.70always -0.9 with cards
2013/06/031.77Shell Kowloon Bay
2008/07/111.4716,96 hkd per litre

Price notification for type of gasoline Super Plus
DatePrice in USD/LiterDetails
2008/03/291.42at Shell Stations, HKD 16.04 a liter
2007/03/041.46Shell V-Power, HKD 13,83